Carers share their experiences to support others

Carers4Carers is a peer-led group. All those who lead the group are either still actively caring or former carers. Many carers find it helpful to share their experiences and others are encouraged when they learn they are not alone. The time for "coffee and chat" at our meetings is a great time to talk and many explain some of their coping strategies during discussion times.

On this page are links to some  articles written by carers who hope that sharing their experiences and coping strategies will help others.


Tina's Story - How Care Companion has helped me - this story illustrates how a carer has found using Care Companion to be helpful.  Care Companion is available for all carers living in Warwickshire and Coventry and is free to use.


Take a break - it's important to take some time for yourself while caring. This story gives you a number of ideas for snatching the odd five minutes


Two stories showing how My Diary, in Care Companion, can be so helpful:


Eleanor's Story - how using the My Diary facility in Care Companion has helped me

Carol's Story - the importance of keeping a diary and how My Diary, in Care Companion, would have been so helpful 


Managing mood swings

The importance of body language

Coping with hallucinations

Using technology

Going out

Cherished memories

Eating and drinking

Tips for looking after a loved one with Alzheimer's

Coping with feelings of disorientation

Caring at Christmas