Going out with someone with dementia

Going out can be stressful and time consuming depending on circumstances and the stage your loved one has reached. 

Be willing to make comprises for non-important tasks such as shopping etc.; this can be speed things up and help release tension as well.  

Keeping appointments and socialising with family, friends etc. together should be encouraged as this is a constructive way to stimulate conservation. The positive side is that it is lovely to do things together and enjoy whilst you are able. Just going out for a coffee can have an impact on the rest of the day.

For you, as carer, maintaining communication with family, friends and Carers’ Cafés while caring for your loved-one at home, further down the line when residential care might be required or the inevitable happens, is a practical way to keep connections alive and much needed support.

Never feel guilty for trying to keep a normal routine and independent existence however painful, tiring and difficult. Life is for living and important, with or without your loved one.