Using Technology

There is an increasing array of equipment to support independence and safety in the home. They fall into two main categories, equipment operated by the occupant and remote monitoring by a third party.

Lifeline telephone is a common name given to many different products, all of which provide the same support, namely an easy way to summon help or reassurance through activating a device usually worn by the occupant, which is monitored 24 hours a day. The monitoring station will either contact a named person or summon the emergency services.

A Keysafe is fitted to an outer wall of the home, containing a key, which allows access by emergency services using the key code held by the monitoring station. There are different grades of Keysafes, some of which meet Police and insurance standards.


Smart Home Technology

There is a comprehensive range of equipment to monitor the activity of a person. This can include pressure mats to monitor getting out of bed or activity sensors on the fridge. These products can be monitored by a relative on an App or a remote monitoring station providing support and helping occupants to remain safe.